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“Everyone’s a Prospect! Don’t take NO for an answer!”

That’s some of the worst sales advice I’ve ever heard.  

I’m calling Bullsh*t. 

The mindset that everyone is a prospect means you think every prospect is the right fit.  

Not true. 

There are plenty of people out there that aren’t the right fit for you.  

Maybe they’re just not ready for you yet.

Maybe they’ll be a total pain to work with and suck the life out of your company.

Listen, I’ve been there. You get on a call and think you have the perfect solution for them.

So you’re committed to doing whatever-the-f*ck it takes to convince them to sign on the dotted line. 

You’ve probably been told that this is how it’s done, and so you spin your wheels on a metric shit-ton of sales calls that go nowhere.  


Because not everyone is a good prospect for you.

Golden Rule of Sales: Be Skeptical. 

You have to go into your sales calls with the attitude of being a little bit skeptical that this prospect will be the right fit or ready for you right now. 

Think: “They’re not qualifying me. I’m qualifying THEM.” 

I’ve heard from so many of our No BS Sales School Students who experienced some of their best sales calls when they made a decision to adopt this mindset along with the other mindsets we teach in our training sessions.  

Some of my best sales calls and closings happened once I shifted my mindset.     

Here are four mindsets I believe every salesperson should adopt:

  • Not everyone is going to be the right fit 
  • Ask, Don’t tell
  • You are of Equal Business Stature with everyone you deal with
  • Be the Guide and not the Hero

So what about these mindsets are so important to the sales process?


Your job is not only to understand your prospect but also for your prospect to see that you understand them.  

If you utilize these mindsets in your business, prospects will see that you cared enough to go into your call a bit skeptical about whether you’re the right fit for them.  

You cared enough to ask questions about what they’ve experienced previously, their needs, and what they’re expecting from a product or service, and you took on the role of their guide, not their hero.   

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