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Smoother, Lifted Skin Without The Surgery

A facelift without all the down time, needles, or surgical procedures? If you thought it was impossible, think again. There are many skincare treatments and procedures that are considered non-invasive, but there’s only one FDA-approved, non-invasive, facelift-like treatment applying ultrasound therapy: Ultherapy. By using focused ultrasonic waves, the Ultherapy provider (that’s us!) can give your body’s natural collagen producing process a super charge. The result: lifted, smoother skin without all the complications of a traditional facelift. 

Could this procedure be the right option for you? If you’re looking for a treatment option that will make a significant difference in the laxity and appearance of your skin and having a surgical procedure isn’t on your list of to-do’s at this point, consider Ultherapy. We know this procedure makes significant improvement almost immediately! In this blog post, we’re going to cover the what and the how, and why this amazing treatment option should be one to seriously consider! 

Consider Ultherapy Instead of a Traditional Facelift

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is one of the leading and only FDA-approved, non-invasive procedures using ultrasound therapy. We all know aging is a natural part of life and the affects of the aging process as well as things like stress, environmental pollution, sun damage, and our lifestyle show up on our skin. The process of aging including the factors we mentioned above, causes our skin to lose its elasticity and that “dew-y”, smooth quality we all tend to have in our youth. And while many aesthetic procedures and products boast similar results, like stimulating collagen production, what makes Ultherapy unique is the ultrasound technology. By using ultrasound technology, Ultherapy targets depths and layers of the skin where collagen stimulation is most effective. Other procedures may stimulate the layers of the skin closer to the surface. But if you’re looking to firm up areas of the face and neck, ‌Ultherapy is going to target depths of the skin that other treatments can’t and that’s where collagen stimulation is most needed and essential. 

How Can I Benefit From Ultherapy?

One of the major benefits of Ultherapy and what makes it most appealing is that it’s a non-surgical option. With traditional facelifts, there can be significant bruising or discomfort, and it can take weeks to recover. Ultherapy recovery is almost immediate. You can leave your appointment and resume your normal schedule.  

With one treatment and in as little as two to three months, your skin will appear smoother, lifted and firmer. Some people continue to experience improvements even six to seven months after treatment. This non-invasive treatment option addresses mild to moderate laxity of the skin, puffiness around the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles, jowls, and even loose skin on your neck or decolletage. Ultherapy produces dramatic and long-lasting results averaging up to 12 to 18 months. 

The non-surgical aspect of this treatment isn’t the only benefit that makes it worth considering. If the possibility of dramatic results isn’t ‌enough, the Ultrasound technology and the personalized treatment plan is another reason to consider giving Ultherapy a go. The personalized treatment plan is part of what makes this procedure so effective. We use ultrasound imaging in real time to pinpoint what areas of your skin need targeting specifically.  






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